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  1. Re: Writers - have you noticed a big difference between Kindle and Nook sales?

    Three times the sales on Kindle as on Nook. No idea why.
  2. Lovers and Beloveds: Top 6 Indie Fantasy Book 2010

    Lovers and Beloveds (An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom #1)

    Fantasy Book Critic 2010 Top 6 Indie Fantasy Book: "A+...[V]ery strong Kushiel Legacy vibes...If you are a fan of Jacqueline...
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    Re: Free versus 99 cents

    I recently raised the price of my novel from $2.99 to $4.99. Sales have slowed but not disastrously, and I'm on track to make about the same royalty-wise this month at $4.99 as I did at $2.99 last...
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    Re: What turns you off a charater?

    But what if a character does something wrong? There has to be room for redemption. A moral character with no room for bad choices--I'm not sure that's realistic.
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